Insanely Good Instant Pot Seafood Recipes

Using a pressure cooker is a quick easy way to make mouth-watering seafood dishes. We will show you how to use your Instant Pot to make restaurant quality seafood dishes that you and your lucky family or dinner guests will rave about.

Instant Pot Clam Chowder

Instant Pot Clam Chowder
Credit: The Typical Mom

Best clam chowder in the Instant Pot, just like the seafood restaurants but so much faster!  It is thick, creamy and full of smoky bacon, clams and potatoes – Justine Marie

Instant Pot Achiote Fish and Shrimp

Credit: Steamy Cooker

This Achiote Fish and Shrimp recipe is inspired by a dish that is very common in Mexico’s Yucatan Region. It features achiote paste, made from ground seeds paired with local spices and herbs, and juice from Naranjas Agrias (Sour Oranges). We have supplied ingredient substitutions so that you can create this special Mexican Seafood Dish in your Instant Pot without scouring the International Foods section of your grocery store.

Instant Pot Fish Biryani

Indian Fish Curry
Credit: Ministry of Curry

Fragrant Instant Pot Fish Biryani with aromatic long-grain basmati rice cooked over perfectly spiced fish marinated in warm spices, topped with caramelized onions and cilantro. – Archana Deshmukh-Mundhe

Instant Pot Salmon

Instant Pot Salmon
Credit: Carmy

Quick, moist, and, and hands-off, here’s a guide on How To Make Salmon in the Instant Pot from both fresh and frozen salmon fillets. – Carmy Do

Instant Pot Jambalaya

Instant Pot Seafood Jambalaya
Credit: Recipes from a Pantry

Want some serious comfort food? Make a big batch of this rich and flavourful Instant Pot Jambalaya. This gluten-free dish is ready in no time at all thanks to the Instant Pot. – Mabintu Mustapha

Instant Pot Fish Curry

Instant Pot Fish Curry
Credit: Steamy Cooker

This aromatic Instant Pot Fish Curry recipe tastes like you have been cooking all day. Fish steeped in rich coconut milk with aromatic spices and oriental ingredients that will bring a fresh and inspiring fusion flavor that you crave over and over again.

Instant Pot Cioppino Seafood Stew

Instant Pot Cioppino
Credit: Two Sleevers

There’s a reason this recipe is so popular. You start with frozen seafood and end up with a rich, savory broth, with minimal effort. Make this easy Cioppino Seafood Stew in your Instant Pot for your new favorite Cioppino Recipe. – Urvashi Pitre

Instant Pot Cajun Shrimp Alfredo

Seafood Alfredo Pasta
Credit: One Happy Housewife

Perfectly cooked pasta, Cajun sausage, and shrimp covered in a creamy homemade Cajun Alfredo sauce. This recipe for Instant Pot Cajun Shrimp Alfredo comes together really easily. – Valerie Kestenbaum Cooper

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Best Instant Pot Seafood Recipes

Instant Pot Quick and Easy Shrimp Curry

Indian Shrimp Curry
Credit: Ministry of Curry

This vibrant and mouth-watering Shrimp Curry with tender-sweet shrimp is lightly spiced with aromatic whole spices and has tropical flavors from coconut milk. – Archana Deshmukh-Mundhe

Instant Pot Tapado Recipe

Instant Pot Seafood Recipes
Credit: Beyond Mere Sustenance

Tropical flavors abound in this easy and healthyish Tapado Recipe! Make it on your stove top, or speed up the process using your Instant Pot. Either way, the dish is replete with fresh fish and shrimp, plantains, sweet potatoes, in a savory and delicious coconut broth. – Tamara Lowell Andersen

Instant Pot Salmon Rice Lemon Caper Chimichurri

Instant Pot Salmon with Chimichurri Sauce
Credit: Beyond Mere Sustenance

Perfectly moist and succulent salmon sits atop a fragrant lemon herb rice, and is finished with a lemon caper chimichurri. Instant Pot Salmon and Rice With Lemon Caper Chimichurri is incredibly quick and simple, and when combined with this quick chimichurri, is elegant enough for a special dinner. – Tamara Lowell Andersen

Instant Pot Shrimp Boil

Instant Pot Seafood Recipes
Credit: Instant Pot Cooking

This Instant Pot shrimp boil is a fun dinner that is incredibly easy to make. It is a huge family favorite. – Carleen Pruess Coulter

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