Best Instant Pot Broth and Stock Recipes

Stock and broth are two staple items to have in any well stocked kitchen. While using a prepared stock paste, powder or bouillon cube is a handy shortcut, these store-bought items can often come with ingredients that you may not want, such as a significant amount of salt.

Luckily for those of us who have an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker in their kitchen, it is quick and easy to make stocks and broths using kitchen scraps and a few other ingredients you likely already have in your cupboard.

Stock vs Broth – What are the differences

People often use terms “stock” and “broth” to mean the same thing. That is, a liquid made from steeping meat, bones, and/or vegetables in water. While that is true, there are some differences between them.

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Best Instant Pot Broth and Stock Recipes

Broth: Broth is made by simmering any combination of vegetables, aromatics, herbs, bones and meat in water. The cooking time in relatively short (45 minutes to 2 hours on the stovetop), which allows for a more liberal use of additional vegetables and herbs in its making, so that it can be used right away as it is. It is also a beginning for delicate soups or as a medium for cooking other things such as pasta or potatoes. It adds a more subtle flavor that enhances to additional ingredients in a dish. 

Stock: Stock has can be made from the same ingredients, but the bones are often precooked or roasted. The liquid are cooked for a longer period of time on the stovetop (about 6 – 8 hours). The idea is to extract the collagen from the bones that gives a gelatinous thick texture and deep rich flavor. 

Bone Broth: Bone is usually made from roasted bones, but there can at times be some meat still attached. The bones are, however, the essential ingredient. The stovetop cook time is also increased significantly (24 hours or more). The idea is not only to release the gelatin from the bones, but to also to extract nutritious compounds and minerals. Many swear by the healing properties of bone broth due to its high levels of collagen, electrolytes, calcium and vitamins.

While both and stock can be used interchangeably, broth can be a better option when you are looking for more subtle flavor. Stock and bone broth are preferable when you are looking for rich deep flavors, such as with meat gravies.  

Here is our collection of stocks, broths and bone broths. Now that you understand the differences, perhaps you will be inspired to try them all as each has its own characteristics and will bring a new level of flavor and enjoyment to your cooking.

Instant Pot Roasted Mushroom Broth (Or Cook Top)

Credit: Beyond Mere Sustenance

Full-bodied and flavorful Instant Pot Roasted Mushroom Broth tastes fabulous in your soups, stews, and risottos, and is a great way to use kitchen scraps! I have included both cooking methods in the recipe. – Tamara Lowell Andersen

Easy Instant Pot Chicken Stock

Instant Pot Chicken Stock
Credit: Steamy Cooker

This rich, low-sodium chicken stock uses the pressure of the Instant Pot to enhance the flavor and speed the cooking. The broth serves as a base for many of our favorite dishes.

Instant Pot Beef Bone Broth That Changed My Life

Credit: Peters Food Adventures

Instant Pot Bone Broth is full of nutrients and vitamins, and doesn’t take long to make. Boost your health and wellness with this traditional food, updated for modern times. Keto and Paleo, homemade Bone Broth so good, you will never buy stock again. – Peter Koles

Instant Pot Vegetable Sipping Broth with Turmeric

Credit: My Life Cookbook

This Instant Pot vegetable sipping broth is healthy and tasty to sip throughout the day when you are dieting or if you are feeling under the weather. Can also be made in a slow cooker and used for cooking or as a base for soups. – Denise Zacharia Wright

Pressure Cooker Chicken Bone Broth with Mushrooms and Ginger

Credit: This Old Gal

Pressure Cooker Bone Broth (Stock) is cloudy with bits of collagen, gelatin, calcium, and fat suspended in the soup. Low Carb and Keto, this broth helps to curb the keto flu! – Jill Selkowitz

Instant Pot Vegetable Stock with Fennel

Credit: Little Sunny Kitchen

Instant Pot vegetable stock made in just 45 minutes! Say goodbye to store-bought stocks, and start making your own! – Diana Sh

Instant Pot Bone Broth with Cinnamon and Star Anise

Credit: Curry Trail

Instant pot bone broth is nutrients enriched stock. This bone broth recipe uses leftover chicken bones and vegetables scrap. That’s right, turn your kitchen scrape into the most delicious bone broth. – Jyothi Rajesh

Turkey Bone Broth (Stock): Instant Pot + Stovetop

Credit: Maple and Mango

Learn how to make a delicious, nutrient rich, immune boosting turkey bone broth (stock). The perfect way to use every part of your turkey! – Vanessa Gilic

Instant Pot Shrimp Stock

Credit: Paint The Kitchen Red

The Instant Pot is a great hands-off and easy way to make seafood or shrimp stock. Use this Instant Pot Seafood Stock | Shrimp Stock for soups, stews, or any seafood dish including Cajun and Creole dishes like étouffée, whether you make them in the Instant Pot or not. – Neena Panicker

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